Registration Portal

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Once you are done with the registration, please process your payment at this link:

1.Submission of presentation files

Please send your presentation files in this module. You may upload .ppt or .pdf files with the file name as the last name of the presenting author. You may be asked to create a google account to perform this upload.

Please keep the number of slides/pages from 10-15 to ensure that you have enough time to present your paper. All participants are only given 15 minutes to present.

2. Attendees and participants

For those who will present their papers, as well as those who will join us as attendees, please click the link below for the registration

Deadline of registration for attendees is on December 31, 2019 moved to January 15, 2020. Deadline of registration for participants with accepted papers is on December 31, 2019. Payment details can be found through the link above.

3. Submission of Full Paper

Participants with accepted papers should upload their full paper through their account used in submission of abstract. Upload the file by selecting the appropriate submission, and clicking the add file link.

Note the required file format:

  1. Full paper format should be PDF (.pdf) or MS Word format (.doc) and its font size should be 12pt.
  2. Full paper length should be at least 1,000 words (including footnotes and references).

Deadline of submission of full papers is on December 31, 2019. If you had experienced problems in uploading your paper, please send us an email. Thank you.