10th Asian Regional Congress of the International Labour and Employment Relations Association (10th ASIA ILERA 2020)

Online International Conference

Message of thanks and appreciation

Maragtas SV Amante, Chair of the Organizing Committee, and
Ronahlee A. Asuncion,  Co – Chair

May we sincerely thank you for your support and cooperation which made the virtual 10th Asia ILERA Conference a success.

Twice postponed due to a volcanic eruption and a pandemic.

But it could happen only with the support of a magnificent team, patiently working together online, from home, from remote places despite wifi / internet instability most recently from the weather disruptions and supertyphoons.

We acknowledge that working from home through various platforms was our contribution to crush the COVID19 transmission chain. Remote work, working from home, telework — we could be isolated from our work colleagues, and boundaries need to be established, both time and space sovereignty. Remote work even requires resources, respect, trust that need to be shared. Crucial elements of communication however were lost in the process, including social interaction, and the value of reading each other’s body language as part of our core humanity — the capacity for communication interaction, empathy, caring, and understanding.

The virtual conference on labor and employment relations in Asia on December 3 and 4, 2020 has assembled a distinguished panel of esteemed scholars that could help navigate the portal of new possibilities in the future of work, and employment relations — experts share what is known so far, and the architecture of emerging employment relations.

History is full of accounts on past pandemics and similar events — bubonic plague, the black death, including the world wars. Disruptions forced human beings to break with the past, and “image their world anew”, to evolve and adjust to the new environment. The COVID19 pandemic seems no different — it could also be a “portal”, “a gateway to a new world”, to borrow the words of some visionaries, including a more humane, innovative world of work and employment relations.

A key point from the COVID19 pandemic is that work cannot be reduced to a commodity, as frontliners produce and deliver essential items for life to continue — contract tracing, testing, caring for the sick.

The threat of marginalization and joblessness hangs over vulnerable contract based, “non essential” workers, even overseas workers. For productivity and positive employment relations to be sustained, work should be decommoditized, and democratized especially on decisions about job re-assignments, work redesign, to ensure co-ownership with the voice of the workers through dialogue, consultation and empowerment.

Labor and employment relations in the future should ensure the dignity of the workers, and navigate the challenges through the demographic dividend of a productive and skilled workforce, green jobs; and the use of automation and artificial intelligence to ensure work and life balance, as well as time and space sovereignty between work and home.

We are most grateful for your contributions by way of papers and discussions — as Plenary and Panel Session Chairs, Speakers, Moderators, Emcees, Rapporteurs; as well as the people who provided patient technical support.

Thank you for your kind understanding and patience in overcoming registration, log-in and related technical difficulties — due to wifi / internet bandwidth or connectivity problems, quality of video and audio, and stability.

Thank you for helping each other understand the emerging world of labor and employment relations, through exchange and sharing of experiences, and ideas on how we move forward. We need to fill the gaps and weaknesses as we attempt to work and build prosperity together, and sustain employment and economic recovery from the COVID19 pandemic.

Through the 10th Asia ILERA, and the subsequent follow up activities, and with new friends and networks shall boost our understanding and create a more innovative world of work and employment relations as a basis of creating mutual sustainable prosperity, and world peace.


Welcome Address

Theme: Emerging patterns of work and new forms of employment relations, voice and representation in Asia

  • Track A: Future work patterns due to new technology, changing demographics and climate change
  • Track B: Emerging job, pay and performance design – freelance, platform-based and new forms of employment relations
  • Track C: Worker voice and representation in the context of Industry 4.0 and the digital economy
  • Track D: Responding to emerging challenges: national and regional experience in labor and employment policy, and skills development


Host Country – Philippines
“Wake up in the Philippines”