Overall Program


Plenary Sessions

  • Plenary Session Track A: Future work patterns due to new technology, changing demographics and climate change
  • Plenary Session Track C: Worker voice and representation in the context of industry 4.0 and the digital economy
  • Plenary Session Track D: Responding to emerging challenges: national and regional experience in labor and employment policy, and skills development

Concurrent Sessions

Track A

  • A1: Employment impact of technology
  • A2: Future work patterns
  • A3: Demographics of labor
  • Special Session: Digitalization for better work

Track B (set 1) – Emerging job, pay and performance design – freelance, platform-based and new forms of employment relations

  • B1: HRM in the gig economy
  • B2: Compensation and incomes
  • B3: Organizational culture and career development
  • Special Session: Current challenges for Malaysian HRM and employment relations and way forward
  • Special Session: Trade unions and labour movements in Asia (Feb 25)

Track B (set 2)

  • B4: Job satisfaction, flexible work arrangements and work-life balance
  • B5: Mental health and occupational health
  • Special Session: Skilled labor mobility and migration: Challenges and opportunities

Track C

  • C1: Digital globalization and workers’ representation
  • C2: Trade union strategies
  • C3: Union effects and links with civil society organizations
  • Special Session: Trade unions and labour movements in Asia (Feb 24)

Track D

  • D1: Wage and work hours policies
  • D2: Labor policy reforms, standards and monitoring
  • D3: Policies on labor contracting and regularization of employment
  • D4: Skills development
  • D5: Cross-border migration