Track D

Responding to Emerging Challenges: National and Regional Experience in Labor and Employment Policy and Skills Development

Concurrent Session D1:
Wage and work hours policies

February 25, 2020
Chair: Emily Christi Cabegin
University of the Philippines

2:30PM-2:45PMD167Low wage work: can workers escape
low wages? recent evidence from a
survey & implications for policy
Anil Verma
University of Toronto
2:45PM-3:00PMD146Decreasing minimum wage rates on
Sundays and public holidays: an
effective job creation policy?
Martin O’Brien*
University of Wollongong
Raymond Markey
Macquarie University
3:00PM-3:15PMD143Policies targeted at low-employability populations: A case study of Israeli
ultra-Orthodox women
Shoshana Neuman
Bar-Ilan University
Yael Goldfarb
University of Haifa
3:15PM-3:30PMD125The Winner-Take-All Market and
996-Type of Overwork
Ming Fan
Henan University of Economics and Law
3:30PM-3:45PMD110Reduction of cabin crew working hoursJesus Jr Acullador
3:45PM-4:00PMOpen Forum

Concurrent Session D2:
Labor policy reforms, standards and monitoring

February 25, 2020
Chair: Jorge Sibal
University of the Philippines

2:30PM-2:45PMD277Precarity in the gig economy in India – an institutional perspectiveK.R. Shyam Sundar
Akriti Bhatia
New Delhi University
2:45PM-3:00PMD255Expected challenges in the labor market
of the Unified Korea of the future
Daeyoung Rho
Korea University
3:00PM-3:15PMD266Labour law reforms and labour and
social policies in India: not still futuristic!
K.R. Shyam Sundar
3:15PM-3:30PMD220An exploratory study on
the implementation of Anti-sexual
Harassment Law in select business
process outsourcing companies in
Metro Manila
Cristeta Lapitan
Philippine House of Representatives
3:30PM-4:00PMOpen Forum

Concurrent Session D3:
Policies on labor contracting and regularization of employment

February 25, 2020
Chair: Benedicto Ernesto Bitonio Jr.
University of the Philippines

2:30PM-2:45PMD313Comparative study on Japanese
employment-like working style:
whether we are studying the same
phenomenon or not
Zhong Qi
The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training
2:45PM-3:00PMD316Another case of use and throw?:
Assessing the constitutional influences
on service-regularization of special
police officers of Assam in India
Sourabh Roy
National Law University and Judicial Academy Assam
3:00PM-3:15PMD318The Influence of Regulated Labor
Standards to New Forms of Work:
A Policy Assessment on Maximizing Human Capital in Pursuit for Decent Work
Jonathan Paolo Clerigo
3:15PM-3:30PMD354The end of Endo BillLiezl Anne Naing
University of the Philippines
3:30PM-4:00PMOpen Forum

Concurrent Session D4:
Skills development

February 25, 2020
Chair: Arthur Luis Florentin
University of the Philippines

2:30PM-2:45PMD459A qualitative investigation into Nordic skills development practices in
the Philippines
Sean Stefan Quifors*
Cheyenne Mae Zapanta Otago Polytechnic
2:45PM-3:00PMD447Econometric analyses on an unintended
effect of mothers’ labor force
participations on the boys’
underperformance in education:
evidence from Marinduque, Philippines
Masayoshi Okabe
3:00PM-3:15PMD453High skills formation in China:
achievement, challenges
and opportunities
Mingwei Liu
Rutgers University
3:15PM-3:30PMD452Ex-offenders’ rehabilitation and
re-employment: case studies of
successful reintegration in the
Harlene Niñofranco
3:30PM-3:45PMD486Industrial relations program
UMS Towards IR 4.0: Challenged and adaptation
Mahadirin Hj. Ahmad
Kee Y Sabariah Kee Mohd Yussof
Azizan Hj. Morshidi
Badariah Abdul Rahman
University Malaysia Sabah
3:45PM-4:00PMOpen Forum

Concurrent Session D5:
Cross-border migration

February 25, 2020
Chair: Rebecca Samson-Gaddi
University of the Philippines

2:30PM-2:45PMD530Attracting highly-skilled labor
migrants in ASEAN and the
impacted factors
Pham Thi Thanh Binh*
Institute of World Economics and Politics
Vu Thi Phuong Dung
Institute of Chinese Studies
2:45PM-3:00PMD527Deployment of care workers
[caregivers] under the JPEPA:
process, challenges, opportunities
Norbert Norris Bonifacio Falguera*
University of the Philippines
Yuya Harada
Okinawa International University
3:00PM-3:15PMD529Mobility of skilled labor in the
ASEAN: free or unfree?
Rene Ofreneo
3:15PM-3:30PMD581Philippine seafarers in the global
labor market — directions for policy governance and employment relations
Maragtas Amante
3:30PM-4:00PMOpen Forum