Track B

Emerging job, pay and performance design – freelance, platform-based and new forms of employment relations

Special Session B1:
Current Challenges for Malaysian HRM and Employment Relations and way forward

February 25, 2020
Chair: Oscar Dousin
Universiti Malaysia Sabah

10:30AM-10:45AMSSB11The notion of well-being evolved across locations and cultures: the case of the healthcare profession in MalaysiaOscar Dousin
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Ngan Collins
RMIT University
10:45AM-11:00AMSSB12Educational mismatch and its impact on native and immigrant wages in MalaysiaBorhan Abdullah Universiti Malaysia Sabah
11:00AM-11:15AMSSB13Revisiting freedom of association in Malaysia: challenges faced by trade unionsSharija Che Shaari
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
11:15AM-11:30AMSSB14The usage of social media at work: boon or bane for work life balanceBalvinder Kaur Kler*
Oscar Dousin
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
11:30AM-11:45AMSSB15Recruiting Quality Academics: Developing the Right AttributesJakaria Dasan Universiti Malaysia Sabah
11:45AM-12:00PMOpen Forum

Special Session B2:
Skilled labor mobility and migration: Challenges and opportunities

February 25, 2020
Chair: Joseph Zveglich Jr.
Asian Development Bank

1:00PM-1:15PMSSB21Overview of the latest trends and
patterns of the mobility of people
across ASEAN against the backdrop
of regional economic integration.
Aiko Kikkawa
Asian Development Bank
1:15PM-1:30PMB439The technical barriers to skill mobility
that persist in the Region, with a particular
focus on the portability of
social security benefits.
Gloria Pasadilla
Asian Development Bank
1:30PM-1:45PMB623How the Fourth Industrial Revolution
(4IR) will affect ASEAN in the context
of skill flows and labor mobility.
Elisabetta Gentile
Asian Development Bank
1:45PM-2:15PMOpen Forum

Concurrent Session B1:
HRM in the gig economy

February 25, 2020
Chair: Ester Guerzon
University of the Philippines

10:30AM-10:45AMB140Counterproductive work behaviour by drivers of platform-based cab aggregators in India: a human rights perspectiveManoranjan Dhal*
Surya Prakash Pati
Indian Institute of Management Kozikode
10:45AM-11:00AMB151Winners and losers of flexible work due to emerging technology — case studies of selected Philippine enterprisesMarian Sison* Golden Arches Development Corporation
Mariz Dizon
11:00AM-11:30AMOpen Forum

Concurrent Session B2:
Compensation and incomes

February 25, 2020
Chair: Rolando Santos
University of the Philippines

10:30AM-10:45AMB264Organizational Structure, job
Analysis, job Description, and
compensation policy: some
leads from Philippine organizations
Virgel Binghay
10:45AM-11:00AMB207How does the modern agricultural
industry park increase the farmers’
income? —based on the research
of Yingde black tea industry in
Guangdong Province
Zhang Jianwu*
Lan Ziyuan
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
11:00AM-11:15AMB256The analysis of hedonic price
based on internet users’ tutoring
demand – take the Taiwan
tutoring match website as
an example
Heng-Yih Liu
Kun-Ta Ho*
Yuan Ze University
Su-Luan Su
National Cheng Chi University
Chen-Yu Li
National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences
11:15AM-11:30AMB249Smile or frown: emotional labor
in Philippine frontline government service – measurement and incentives
John Vincent Cardenas
11:30AM-12:00PMOpen Forum

Concurrent Session B3:
Organizational culture and career development

February 25, 2020
Chair: Lorenzo Ziga
University of the Philippines

10:30AM-10:45AMB344Changing organizational culture in the age of digitization: developing employees’ creativity at workMaria Catalina Tolentino
10:45AM-11:00AMB362The labour utilisation in Chinese hotel industry: do core and periphery matter?Ziheng Liu
Nanjing University of Finance and Economics
11:00AM-11:15AMB372Navigating career transitions in China: a career construction theory perspectiveXueyuan Gao Xinquan Zhao*
China University of Labor Relations
11:15AM-11:30AMB370Tracking the careers of the engineering scholarship grantees of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)Rachel Habana*
Phil. Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development
Virgel Binghay
Ronahlee Asuncion
Maria Catalina Tolentino
11:30AM-12:00PMOpen Forum

Concurrent Session B4:
Job satisfaction, Flexible work arrangements and work-life balance

February 25, 2020
Chair: Virgel Binghay
University of the Philippines

1:00PM-1:15PMB433The influencing factors of job
satisfaction of flexible employees:
a comparative analysis from the
voluntary and involuntary
Xinyu Wang
Beijing Union University
1:15PM-1:30PMB439Exploring the relationship between
officers’ leadership styles and
enlisted personnel job satisfaction
in the joint staff, general headquarters
Marz Tadulan
1:30PM-1:45PMB623The determinants of the introduction
of flexible working time
arrangements in Korea, Germany,
and U.K.
Ah Young Lee
Sang-Min Lee*
Hanyang University
1:45PM-2:00PMB641The link between flexible work
arrangements and work-life balance:
perceptions of employees in IT-BPO companies in Metro Manila
Charlotte Jienee Almocera
Google Operations Center Philippines
2:00PM-2:30PMOpen Forum

Concurrent Session B5:
Mental health and occupational health

February 25, 2020
Chair: Ronahlee Asuncion
University of the Philippines

1:00PM-1:15PMB561Social support, job burnout and
co-rumination: lessons learnt
from digital start-up companies
Safitri Safitri
Riani Rachmawati*
Universitas Indonesia
1:15PM-1:30PMB535Mental health programs, compassion
fatigue and job stress of Filipino
human resource professionals
Angelbert Hernandez*
Carmelina Cheng
University of the Philippines Lanilaine Parreño
ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation
1:30PM-1:45PMB557Breaking the glass border:
Indonesia women experiences
in international assignments
Gladis Charisma Insani
Nayunda Andhika Sari
Riani Rachmawati*
Universitas Indonesia
1:45PM-2:00PMB538A study on online platform
workers’ employment status
and statutory occupational health care in Taiwan
Chey-Nan Hsieh
Yantong Lu*
Chinese Culture University
2:00PM-2:30PMOpen Forum