Trade Unions and Labour Movements in the Asia-Pacific Region

Asynchronous Special Session

This symposium discusses the results of a research project involving thirteen countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The key research questions considered include the challenges facing unions and worker representation, the extent to which these are the result of global or local developments and the actions taken by trade unions and labour movements to cope with the challenges. The research project was led by Byoung-Hoon Lee (Chung-Ang University, South Korea), Sek-hong Ng (University of Hong Kong) and Russell Lansbury (University of Sydney).

The webinar was hosted by the Sydney University Employment Relations Research Group in the Business School. The speakers were all contributors to chapters in BH Lee, SH Ng and RD Lansbury (editors) Trade Unions and Labour Movements in the Asia-Pacific Region. Routledge, London, 2020

Speakers and topics

Russell Lansbury
(Emeritus Professor of Industrial Relations, University of Sydney)
Introduction. Professor Lansbury opens the symposium with an overview of the findings from the research project and introduces each of the speakers. He also provides a brief summing up at the end of the symposium.

Fang Lee Cooke
(Professor of Human Resource Management and Asia Studies, Monash University)
China: Professor Cooke discusses unions and alternative forms of worker representation in China in an era of privatisation and globalisation.

Michele Ford
(Professor and Director of the Southeast Asia Centre, University of Sydney)
Indonesia: This presentation by Professor Ford is discusses union renewal in democratic Indonesia.

Ngan Collins
(Associate Professor of Management, RMIT University)
Vietnam: Professor Collins discusses the reform of Vietnamese trade unions and the role of the government since ‘doi moi’

Rae Cooper
(Professor of Gender, Work and Employment, University of Sydney)
Australia. Professor Cooper examines crises, strategies and survival among Australia’s trade unions.

Webinar Video: Trade Unions and Labour Movements in the Asia-Pacific Region