Guidelines for Presenters – Old

Thank you for joining the conference as a plenary/concurrent session speaker. Please check the following guidelines below. If you have any more concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via email ( or use our website chat feature.

Before the event

  1. Make sure that you have registered for the conference.
  2. Those who submitted a pre-recorded video may still make final changes to their video presentation file in the registration portal until November 30, 2020.
  3. The previous link can also be used to upload your 2-sentence bio that will be used to introduce you during the presentation.
  4. For those submitting a PowerPoint presentation, avoid embedding videos in your presentation.
  5. Make sure that your workstation complies with the conference setup guidelines.
  6. If you are doing a live presentation, it is suggested that you schedule a test session with us (book through the website via this link). If there are multiple authors attending the conference, only one author should present the paper. Other authors may answer questions and interact during Q&A.

Just before the start of the session

  1. Log into your assigned conference session 10 minutes before the start of the session using the unique URL emailed to you by the ILERA organizing committee. You should attend the whole session, not just your assigned presentation time.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the zoom webinar room and check the sound and video systems to ensure that they are functioning properly.
  3. Introduce yourself to the Chair and other panelists and identify the title of your paper for them to acknowledge your presence.
  4. If you are doing a live presentation, make sure to limit it to 15 minutes. You will receive timer notifications in the chat box and a visual alert from the session chair thrice: when your time remaining is 5 minutes, 3 minutes and 1 minute. Finally, the chair will flash a red card on his/her screen as a reminder that you have to wind up your presentation.
  5. Be virtually present during the open forum to respond to the questions on your paper.
  6. The participants will be muted during the session but will be able to raise their questions in the Q&A window which you can view. You can prepare answers when you see the questions and these will be answered during the Open forum session
  7. Each session will be recorded and posted in the ILERA website for participants to view later.

Start of and during the session

  1. The chair begins the session by introducing the topic of the session, the participants and titles of the papers, and the mechanics.
  2. All pre-recorded videos will be presented ahead of the live presentations.
  3. If you are doing a live presentation, you will receive a cue from the chair to begin your presentation.
  4. Please limit your live presentation within 15 minutes.
  5. You will receive a raised hand notification and a chat message from the session chair when your time remaining is 5 minutes and 2 minutes. The session chair will interrupt your presentation and remind you to conclude when your allotted time is up.
  6. Respond to questions on your paper during the open forum.
  7. Before ending the session, the technical team will request everyone to turn on their webcam for a group photo.

After the session

  • You may attend the other talks during the rest of the conference. Please see guidelines for participants on how to connect to other sessions.