Guidelines for Participants – Old

Thank you for joining the conference as an attendee. Please check the following guidelines below. If you have any more concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via email ( or use our website chat feature. This guide also applies to presenters who want to join other sessions.

  1. Before the event
    1. Make sure that you have registered for the conference.
    2. Familiarize yourself with the program and pre-register to the ones you are interested in. (To be updated*)
  2. During the session
    1. Use the chat window for constructive communication with regard to the conference. Please ensure that communication in the chat is healthy and respectful. The session chair reserves the right to remove participants who may cause disruption and harm during the conference
    2. Log in 15 minutes before the event starts. Your microphone will be muted by the host during presentations, but you will be able to turn on your video after log-in.
    3. You can write questions addressed to presenters in the chat box during the sessions. The question should start with the presenter to whom the question is addressed to (e.g. Question for Presenter 1). The session chair shall integrate similar questions. 
    4. If there is still time, the session chair may open the floor for voiced questions and you can unmute your microphone to ask a question.
    5. Before the sessions ends, you will be asked to turn on your video for photo documentation.
  3. After the session
    1. You may leave the session and go to another session. Please see guidelines for participants on how to connect to the other sessions. If you would like to leave in the middle of the session, kindly do so in between presentations so as to not disturb the session.