Conference Workstation Setup and Zoom Tips

Updated November 23: you may access virtual backgrounds other templates in this link (coming soon!).

Workstation setup tips

  • Prepare your device. If you are a presenter or a moderator, It is recommended that you use a laptop or desktop computer. Other attendees may use their smartphones given that they are adept to use mobile devices for online meetings.
  • Ensure stable internet connectivity. Make sure that you are connected to a stable broadband internet and prepare a mobile data connection as a backup. For a 2-hour session, at least 3 GB mobile data is required.
  • Download the latest Zoom software. Familiarize yourself with the functions of zoom Meetings and Webinars. Zoom offers video tutorials of its basic functions.
  • Setup your computer peripherals. If you are a presenter or a moderator, make sure that your device has a working web camera. To ensure a better sound quality, a headset or earphones with integrated microphone is recommended. As much as possible, do not use the built in microphone of your computer, as it may cause feedback and noise.
  • Reduce background noise. Minimize sources of background noise that may disrupt the conference.
  • If you want to ensure that your system is configured correctly, schedule a test session with the ILERA organizing committee with this link.
  • IMPORTANT: All the conference sessions require that you have a Zoom account. If you do not have a Zoom account, or unable to create one, contact us immediately by sending an email to <>.

Zoom Tips

If you are ready with your setup, make sure that you are familiar with the essential Zoom best practices for this conference

  • Make sure that you have a copy of the online program at all times so that you know where to go.
  • When you log in the session, make sure that you use your name as indicated in the registration form. We will be removing unauthorized participants from the conference for security purposes.
  • Check additional settings when login to minimize distraction during the conference proper
    • Hide non-video participants
    • Mute chat sounds
    • Mute log-in sounds
  • Observe Zoom meeting etiquette:
    • Send a video presentation of your paper on the website, even if you are presenting live.
    • Mute your audio and turn off video when you aren’t speaking
    • Minimize interruptions. Set any alerts to silent and find a quiet place.
    • Use the chat box to communicate your queries or comments. Only the moderator can unmute participants if they want to speak.
    • Ready your pen and paper (or on-screen notepad) for note-taking
    • Show courtesy and respect to all participants
    • Savor the learning experience and make sure you enjoy the conference!