Guidelines for Session Chairs and Support Staff – Old

Thank you for joining the conference as a session chair or support staff. Please check the following guidelines below. The following guidelines also apply to sessions with foreign and special session chairs. If you have any more concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via email ( or use our website chat feature.

Before the event

  • Check the room assignment of your session. If you are working from home, make sure that your workstation complies with the conference setup guidelines (check the guidelines here in this link), and access your conference materials in the the cloud.
  • View all video/PowerPoint presentations before the session. The conference organizers will provide you with video/PowerPoint presentations at least 2 days before the start of the conference. All the presentations will be pre-loaded in advance into the organizer’s PC and will be shown after the introductions have been made.
    1. Review the paper abstracts.
    1. Prepare at least one question for each paper presentation based on the paper abstracts and video/PowerPoint presentations.  It is possible that the audience will be silent during the session and you can avoid a dull silence during the open forum by formulating a question or two for each panelist in your session.
    1. Prepare your 5-minute introduction of the session which contains at least:
      1. The title of the session and the title of the session papers
      2. Review the 2-sentence short bio of the presenters in your session  
  • For foreign or a special session chairs, we will still provide you with the submitted presentations and materials to help you.
  • As a chair of the session, you will be accompanied by a team of support staff to assist you during the conference. We shall provide their contact details at least two days before the conference.
  • The support staff consists of a chat-Q&A assistant, a technical support staff, and a rapporteur.

Just before the start of the session

  1. Be physically present at the assigned session on registration time (8:00 AM). You may take a break until before your session but you must re-log 1 hour before the session. If you will be working from home, you should check-in with the organizers BOTH on registation time, and 1 hour before the session.
  2. Log into your assigned conference session 15 minutes before the start of the session using the unique URL emailed to you by the ILERA organizing committee.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Zoom meeting room and check the sound and video systems to ensure that they are functioning properly.
  4. All the presenters should be in the virtual conference room not later than 10 minutes before the start of the session.
  5. Make the presenters feel welcome. Introduce yourself to the presenters and ask them to introduce their names and identify the title of their papers.
  6. Inform the presenters of the mechanics of the session – all of them will be introduced at the beginning of the session and instruct those who will be doing a live presentation to stick to a 15-minute presentation. The chat box will be activated between the moderator and the presenter, to communicate that the presenter is 5 minutes from the end of her allocated time for presentation, so that she can make her conclusion.
  7. Remind the presenters to be virtually present during the open forum to respond to the questions on their papers from you and the participants.
  8. The participants can write their questions in the chat box.
  9. Each session will be recorded and posted in the ILERA website for participants to view later.

Start of and during the session

  1. Start on time.
  2. The chair begins the session and is allotted 5 minutes to:
    1. state the title of the session
    1. relay the mechanics of the session:
      1. the papers will be presented one after the other within 15 minutes for each presentation;
      2. the chat window will be enabled, but participants will be muted during the session;
      3. participants can write their questions in the chat box even while the presentation is ongoing; the question should start with the presenter to whom the question is addressed to (e.g. Question for Presenter 1).
  3. Introduce the speakers and the title of their papers, beginning with the first speaker.
  4. The session chair scrolls the questions in the chat box and integrates similar or related questions during the Q&A.
  5. Inform the presenter through a raised hand icon and a message in the chat box that he/she has 5 minutes remaining and 2 minutes remaining in his/her presentation/ At the end of 15 minutes, remind the presenter by voice that it is time to conclude his/her presentation.
  6. After the last presentation the session chair opens the Q&A, reminding each presenter that they have 5 minutes to respond to all the questions. If there is still time, the session chair can invite voiced questions from participants.
  7. It is better to end the session 5 minutes early than 5 minutes late.
  8. Conclude the session by thanking the presenters, participants and technical and administrative staff. 
  9. Request all participants to turn on their video for a photo documentation.

After the Session

  • Collate the noted from the documenter and create a two-sentence summary of the session. This will be used for the closing session.
  • You may now join the session as an attendee (Please see guides for attendees here). If you are physically present in the organizing committee workstations (UP SOLAIR), you should move out of the station after the session and join the conference at your own office or workstation.